Capella University Online Business Degree Programs

MBA - Project Management

In today's competitive business world, one in which technology skills and knowledge are often outsourced to other countries, many businesses consider the skills and knowledge related to project management and business capabilities as critical to retain in-house. Capella University’s project management MBA, based on the knowledge areas established by the Project Management Institute, was created in order to sharpen your project management skills. This includes project planning, project procurement and risk management. By also taking core business courses, you will strengthen your overall business acumen to build the knowledge and perspective you need to interact effectively with other managers to meet your company’s goals. A capstone course lets you apply your skills in planning, managing, and controlling the management process to finish the project on time and on budget. People who choose this specialization are often pursuing project management, director-level, or consulting positions, especially those that are more business than IT-focused.