Capella University Online Education Degree Programs

MS in Ed-Ldrshp for Ed Admin (For Licensed K-12 Teachers)

With this education specialization from Capella University, you will develop the skills and knowledge to successfully meet the rigors and rewards of K–12 leadership, a field where retirements are resulting in a large need for new employees in this field. This online master’s of education degree with a focus on educational administration meets nationally recognized leadership standards, including the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC). It is also one of very few online education degree programs that is state-approved as well, which is a requirement for licensure in some specific states. You will then have new opportunities to apply theory to real-world situations and develop a portfolio that will enable you to demonstrate your master’s-level competencies to employers. People who choose this specialization are often licensed teachers or school administrators pursuing building leadership or district administrator positions.