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A Sample Learning Profile Survey

Learning Profile Survey

Grab a notebook and a pen or pencil and record whether each of the following statements is true or false for you, to reflect how you feel you learn best. Answer each statement as it would apply or not apply to you as a general rule. (You'll probably want to devote a notebook -- or a section in a notebook -- to the exercises in this book, so you can refer back to them at a later date.)

  1. I learned more in physical education class than I did in history class.
  2. My retention is better if I can see new information in charts, diagrams and graphics.
  3. I learn a lot from small group discussions.
  4. I would prefer hiking in the woods to reading about it in a library.
  5. I learn best by attending lectures and listening to knowledgeable instructors.
  6. Watching a video is an ideal way for me to learn a new skill.
  7. I would rather read a book about gardening and flowers than actually plant a garden.
  8. I can solve problems by trial and error.
  9. I can attend a lecture and remember most of what was said without the aid of notes.
  10. I seem to learn best from books and manuals.
  11. I enjoyed such classes as science lab, typing and shop.
  12. Audio tapes are a more effective learning tool for me than videotapes.
  13. I understand Beethoven because I enjoy listening to his music.
  14. I have no trouble reading maps.
  15. I don't need instructions to assemble a model airplane.