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A Sample Test Quiz

Read each statement. If it applies to you, make a T for True in your notebook. If it doesn't apply to you, make an F for False.

  1. I usually feel fatigued when taking a test.
  2. I am one of the last ones to finish a test.
  3. I can't eat before I take a test.
  4. I don't score as well on tests as I should.
  5. During a test, I often forget the material I studied to prepare for the test.
  6. It is difficult for me to stay focused when taking an exam.
  7. I'd be perfectly happy if I never had to take another test again.
  8. Tests serve no real purpose for anyone.
  9. I would rather take an oral test than a written test.
  10. I normally feel embarrassed by my test scores.

All of us experience some apprehension when taking an exam, but if you answered "true" seven or more times, you probably have an anxiety attack every time you take a test.