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Adult Learners Need to Be Effective Listeners

As adult learners, we need to be effective listeners. Effective listening skills enable us to become survivors in the work environment and facilitate the learning process.

Effective listening is a learned behavior or skill. It is an active process, which requires that you understand how you listen. For this reason, you should identify your listening profile.

Good listeners hear a message, are focused, assimilate the information for understanding and respond accordingly. The process of staying focused refers to the ability to identify distractions, which become barriers to effective listening, and eliminate them.

Assimilation and understanding are the mechanisms by which information received is filtered according to our prior experiences, current motivations, behaviors and personal needs, which leads to a response to the message received.

Response is evidenced by displaying a new job skill, being promoted or passing an exam. Generally, the response affirms that the message was delivered and effective listening occurred.