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Analyzing a Learning Experience Survey's Results

We now can analyze the answers to this survey, which can be used to develop a strategy or direction that will enable Charlie to adapt to a current learning situation. In other words, history can repeat itself. If certain behaviors proved to be beneficial in a prior learning situation, these same behaviors, possibly with some modification, may also work today for Charlie. From the survey responses, the following observations can be made:

    Charlie is certainly not a mathematician. Fortunately, as a visual learner, the trigonometry class was probably presented in a visual manner for the most part (as opposed to auditory).

    Charlie was attempting to become involved in a learning activity in which he had never experienced much success in the past, as evidenced by his grades.

    He was taking a risk that if a minimum grade of C was not attained, the credit could not be transferred. Clearly, the motivation to complete the math requirements for his degree offset the potential risk.

    Charlie experienced a great amount of frustration and apprehension for an entire semester, yet by means of a very positive attitude, prevailed and earned a C. The easy way out would have been to drop the class and avoid the emotional turmoil.

    The positive aspects of this learning experience included:

    • Maintaining a positive attitude.
    • A commitment to achieving a goal.
    • Perseverance when the odds were against achieving the C for the course.

We could assume that his was a difficult learning experience in that the risk of failure was extremely high. If Charlie transfers the positive aspects of this experience to current difficult learning activities, he could draw on this prior experience by knowing that a positive attitude, proper motivation and "not quitting" enabled attainment of the goal. Notice that Charlie doesn't mention the grade of C as contributing to the positive nature of his overall experience, but does mention those intangible traits that were necessary to reach his goal.