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Becoming an Effective Reader

Sharpening your reading skills can make you an effective adult learner. Your reading skills begin with the process of previewing: systematically exploring your reading assignment before actually taking the trip through the pages. Previewing will provide you with a sense of direction, a degree of familiarity and a reduction of any apprehension or fear you may have.

To be an effective reader, you must be an aggressive reader. Read with a pen in your hand so that you can underline and highlight key ideas and concepts. Read with questions in your mind -- or actually write down questions -- based on your reading. Finally, always do systematic reviews to reinforce key concepts.

The last ingredient in improving your reading skills is to develop a method of concentration where you read and retain small bits of information in short time segments. Being able to concentrate effectively increases comprehension and retention. This is particularity important when reading or studying unfamiliar or very technical information.