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Definition Questions

The definition question is usually a short, simple test item that asks you to define a point or concept. For example:

Astronomy is:

  1. The study of the sun.
  2. The science of the universe.
  3. A method of studying the earth.
  4. The art of using telescopes.

This item is very short and direct, and each option is also relatively short and straightforward. This type of test item usually makes us feel good because it is short and it looks pretty simple. We tend to relax a little more when we see the definition-type question.

A definition question also can provide you with the definition, then ask you to identify what term is being defined.

"The science of the universe in which the origins, evolution, composition, motion and location of the stars and planets are studied" best defines:

  1. Astrology.
  2. Astrophysics.
  3. Astronomy.
  4. Cosmicology.

Although the stem is a bit longer, the options are nice and short and, again, we frequently view this type of question as "easy." Typically, this is the type of question that you will answer the first time through the test.