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Developing Positive Feeling Towards Tests

As you progressed through elementary and secondary schools, your reactions to tests, as well as your peers', teachers' and parents' reactions, only intensified. You may have been grounded so frequently that you began to wonder if you were some kind of mole that would never see the light of day again.

Your feelings at test time may have become very deeply rooted if, along the way, you didn't do well on an important test, such as a college entrance exam, or if you failed a final exam, causing you to land in summer school.

Your feelings toward test taking were learned with the first sneer by one of your classmates, the first frown by your teacher and your first grounding. You learned about fear and failure because that's what the system taught you -- and, unfortunately, Shame on You 101 is still part of the curriculum.

If you're not the dummy they made you out to be because you never did well on tests, then what's the real problem? The real problem is the system and your attitude. Of these two, a positive attitude is the more important. A positive attitude about testing will help eliminate your test phobia and improve your test-taking ability.

How do you develop a positive attitude? The answer is understanding the educational system that taught you your fear of tests -- and developing appropriate test-taking skills and techniques.