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Effective Learning through Time Management and Control

Time control and management can serve as memory aids. One of the best tools to use is a calendar or a weekly or monthly planner. By using a calendar, for example, you can plan on remembering something at a future time.

For example, if today is June 1 and you have a dental appointment on July 1, write it down on your calendar or in your daily planner. In fact, you should probably record it twice, just in case you forget to look at the calendar on July 1! Record the day and time of the dental appointment on July 1. Also place an entry on the calendar for June 28 or 29 reminding you that you have a July 1 dental appointment. This way, remembering the appointment is planned for, and you should not forget it.

As part of your daily work or home activities, write down (on a calendar or in a daily planner) what you intend to accomplish on that particular date. Then, first thing in the morning or when you arrive at the office, open up the planner and keep it in view the entire day. As you accomplish a task, check it off.

Checking it off serves two purposes. It makes you look at the planner repeatedly throughout the day, so you won't forget other tasks. It also provides you with a gratification system -- in that you visibly see that you are accomplishing your goals.

Manage your time by allocating some planning time at the beginning of the day, so that you will know what has to be accomplished. Then allow some time at the end of the day to review and check on your activities that day.