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Enhancing Math Skills with a Better Attitude

The ability to work with math is a state of mind. Many people are intimidated and turned off by math. Their minds are closed. However, as an adult learner, math usually will enter your life at some point. Normally, this will be nonthreatening, simple math. As an adult learner, you may simply have to fight your mental block when it comes to working with math.

You probably have the ability to learn math (aptitude), but not the proper disposition (attitude). Therefore, the first step is to blot out your residual negative learning experiences and approach your mathematical experience positively.

Listening skills are important. You must stay focused and listen to the mathematical explanation of a problem, for example. You also have to be able to take precise notes regarding a particular mathematical function or problem. Unlike other note taking, you must be exact and precise, since math is an exact science.

Understanding math requires the ability and motivation to continue to practice and drill on the concepts you are trying to learn. Frequently, success with math is based on repetition. You must repeat and practice the same function over and over again. This requires some firm commitment on your part.

Success with math is indeed a state of mind. You must program yourself to do that which you do not like to do. You must possess a certain amount of self-discipline and develop and maintain a positive attitude.