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Exercising your Brain

Your brain is not like a balloon that you keep filling with air and suddenly it explodes because there's no more room. Your brain has an unlimited capacity to store information.

Your brain and your memory are different but closely related. Your brain receives and stores information. It's like an enormous, yet compact, computer. Memory recalls the stored information. Your brain is the command post and is the primary organ of your central nervous system. Memory, an activity of the brain, recalls to our conscious mind facts or experiences stored in various parts of the brain in millions upon millions of brain cells.

Your brain cannot and does not run out of room. It has the capacity to process and store information essentially without limitation. By way of disease, brain cells can be destroyed. Depending on the cause of such a loss, brain cells also can be rejuvenated or retrained. Our brains contain hundreds of millions of brain cells, so even if you lose a million or so, your brain will continue to function. As a lifelong adult learner, your brain will not run of space, for all practical purposes, and your memory will usually continue to function.

Actually, studies show the more you use your brain, the better it functions. Just as atrophy can cause our muscles to grow weak and useless, so too can our brains (and memory) not function as well due to disuse.