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Having a Healthy Belief in Yourself and Your Math Skills

Believe in yourself. Believe that you have the aptitude. This belief creates a positive attitude. Then work at it. Do it and achieve your goal. The first study tip to improve your math study skills is to maintain a positive attitude.

Many adult learners have had negative learning experiences with regard to math. When faced with the challenge of learning or dealing with math, the immediate reaction is, "I can't do that. It's math!" The task is approached with a negative attitude. When the adult learner fails at the task of learning some math, he or she quickly responds, "I told you so."

Pavlov's dog salivated every time it heard the bell ring. It was an automatic response over which the dog had no control. When you're watching a baseball game and a batter hits a hard foul ball into the seats, everyone ducks. It's an automatic response. When you kiss, you close your eyes (at least most people do). It, too, is an automatic response.

These automatic responses are generally involuntary. We do not consciously elect to close our eyes or duck to avoid being hit by the foul ball. However, you do have a choice when it comes to learning something perceived to be unpleasant, such as math.

Too many of us simply give up -- surrender -- before the first shot is fired. Yet, you have control. You can elect to persevere, or you can choose to quit before you even get started.

Successful people do the things unsuccessful people refuse to do.

Belief in your abilities and a positive attitude will result in success.