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How College Impacts Educational Enthusiasm

College usually reinforces your negative feelings regarding learning and education. Regardless of your learning profile, auditory learning becomes the primary mechanism. For example, you may sit in lectures with 100 or more other students while a professor (or a professor's student assistant) lectures from a rigid set of notes. For the most part, questions are not permitted. Your ability to withstand this situation will be evidenced by a midterm and final exam -- actually a test of your patience and tolerance, as opposed to what you have learned.

College becomes bearable as a learning experience because, here and there, you are able to choose classes that are relevant and allow you to temporarily regain a little of the old enthusiasm for learning. College also becomes bearable because it's like paying your dues (especially if you're paying your own tuition). If you are going to get a good job and have a career, college is the price you must pay for the future. After all, this imprisonment is only for four or five years, and then you will be released by way of graduation.

Unfortunately, college may have compounded the negative learning attitude that was born in late elementary school and flourished during your high school days. You leave college, ready for the adult working world. You can add and subtract and write a business letter, and you possess some basic knowledge and work-related skills. You generally feel that you're done with school, done with learning. You want to put this somewhat negative experience behind you and get on with life.