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Looking at a Personal Example of Listening

You have been exposed to some harsh realities of listening life. As adults, we usually only listen 25 percent of the time. We are easily distracted. Many of us are passive listeners, instead of active listeners. However, our ability to listen effectively enhances learning ability and may provide a degree of job security under the new employment contract.

The following scenario is provided to reinforce how you should not attempt to listen and learn. Unfortunately, many of you may be able to identify with Danny. The Struggles of Danny

Danny, age 30, has been married for six years to Cindy. They have two children, ages 5 and 2. Danny is a middle manager in a large computer firm. During the past five years, this firm has had two reorganizations, resulting in the dismissal of nearly 100 employees, many in supervisory and management positions. In self-defense, Danny returned to college two years ago to work on his master's degree, hoping to provide a little more job security for himself and his family by making himself more valuable to the corporation.