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More Examples of Multiple Answer Questions

This question doesn't appear as threatening when it is reduced to a true and false test. You will generally feel more comfortable answering this question by playing this little mind game with yourself. As your comfort level increases, so does your confidence.

Naturally, you cannot reduce the multiple answer question to a true and false item all of the time, but this approach works much of the time. For example, read the following test items and identify those in which the responses could be turned into true and false options.

  1. Identify the principal causes of World War II.
  2. Which of the following are considered elements of a legal contract?
  3. The principal parts of a single cell include:
  4. Snow is caused by:
  5. The differences between a peril and a hazard are that the peril:

Depending on the wording, probably all of the options could be prefaced with true and false. For example, the causes of World War II were (true or false) Japan's capitalism, economic threats to Japan in the Pacific, Germany's invasion of other nations, etc. The elements of a legal contract are (true or false) competent parties, offer and acceptance, etc. The principal parts of a cell are (true or false) protoplasm, the cell membrane, etc. Snow is caused by (true or false) barometric pressure, moisture in the air, etc. A peril (true or false) is the cause of a loss, the result of a hazard, etc.

Another version of the multiple answer test item is one in which you are asked to rank order something, such as the following:

Rank order the following bonds according to their maturity, from the shortest to the longest.

  1. T-bonds.
  2. T-bills.
  3. T-notes.
  1. I, II and III.
  2. II, I and III.
  3. III, I and II.
  4. II, III and I.

Naturally, to answer this question, you need some knowledge or basic facts. Let's assume, however, that all you are able to recall is the fact that T-bills have the shortest maturity. You may have to take a guess at this question, but at least you have something to work with. If T-bills have the shortest maturity, based on how the question is asked, T-bills, option II, must be in the first position.

There are only two choices, B and D, which have Roman numeral II in the first position. Therefore, your guess is now reduced to two choices. In other words, this type of question can be worked with even if you do not know all of the information required to answer it.