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More Questions to Test Your Learning Skills

As an aggressive reader dealing with unfamiliar or technical material, ask yourself questions. Ask the instructor questions. Read with questions in your mind. If these questions are unanswered following a reading assignment, write them down and ask the instructor or another student.

For example, as you preview a chapter or section of the reading material, you might begin by asking yourself what -- what should I learn?

Another question to ask yourself is how -- how can I best learn this material? After you have previewed the reading assignment, you need to determine the best approach for reading and retention of the material. Should I take notes on every paragraph? Should I underline or highlight information?

If the reading is "light," then you may not have to do much else, other than concentrate and read. If the material is unfamiliar and technical, then you probably should devise a plan or system as to how you should attack the information.

As noted earlier, as a 3- or 4-year-old child, one of your favorite words was why. Think of all of the mysteries and unknown information that word unlocked for you. As an adult learner, don’t hesitate to ask why.