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More Types of Non-Listeners

Basically, the daydreamer doesn't listen. He or she pays little attention to the discussion or conversation. He drifts in and out, and then suddenly gets involved in the conversation by asking a question that has already been answered.

Or possibly this person simply wants to change the subject. The speaker can be talking about apples and oranges, and suddenly our daydreamer makes a comment about the merit of fruitcake! The daydreamer is a fragmented listener.

The starer is totally non-responsive. Questions are raised and there is no reply. This person's expression is that of a brick wall. Occasionally, a ball (information) hits the wall and bounces back to its source. This person remains passive. Let's hope you cannot identify with any of these listening personalities. More than likely, though, you know some of these individuals.

Being an effective listener (and learner) is like eating. As the listener, you take in information (the food). You absorb or assimilate this information into your thinking processes and give it meaning (digestion). You then respond to this digested information by exhibiting a new work skill or taking action on some project.