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Note Taking Helps One Communicate with Ones Self

Much of what is read or listened to becomes condensed in the form of notes. As an adult learner, it is important that you know how to take notes -- that you have the ability to determine what is important and what is not important. The ability to take good notes is like keeping a diary of your trip. You're not going to record every rest stop on your trip or every meal you had. You will keep the highlights in your diary.

Note taking is self-communication.

Generally, you are the only person who has to read your notes. Therefore, there is no need to use good grammar, spell correctly or write in complete sentences. You simply have to leave a trail of what is important.

To help you with determining importance, you need to prepare. You need to have a general understanding of what you will be taking notes on in advance.

Good listening is usually related to good note taking. If you can listen for the key concepts and important definitions, you should be able to take good notes. Anything that a speaker may write on the board is probably important. Points that are stressed or repeated are usually relevant.

To a degree, speed is an important aspect of note taking. You need to be able to identify the important facts and quickly transcribe this information into a meaningful note. Accordingly, you need to develop your own version of shorthand. Remember, you're normally the only person who has to be able to understand these coded messages.