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Perparing for Multiple Choice Tests

While true or false tests and matching tests are generally not given in the real world to the adult learner, the test-taking skills and techniques mentioned still have value.

As an adult, you may take a test as a condition of potential employment, to measure a job-related skill, to obtain a license or simply as part of your continuing education through college work or vocational study. Your adult testing experiences generally will be more difficult than the true/false test and will likely include a series of multiple choice questions. As an adult learner, you may not have taken a meaningful test in several years. You may be a bit rusty. You certainly will have to sharpen your test-taking skills pertaining to the multiple choice tests you will be exposed to as an adult.

Granted, you still need to prepare yourself and know the subject matter, but the ability to manage and work with test questions is also very important. A superficial knowledge of the subject matter coupled with excellent test-taking skills will often result in a passing test score.