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Properly Planning your Math Work

Plan your work and work your plan. Procrastination is the enemy of all good deeds left undone. If math is not your favorite pastime and you've experienced many negative learning situations, you are going to have to force yourself to overcome these problems by making sure you spend the necessary time to achieve some success.

Look at your work schedule, your recreation time and your family time, and you will find pockets of time in which you have "nothing to do." Identify these time slots and write down day and time that you will spend working with your least favorite subject -- math. When the allotted day and time arrives, work on your math -- don't mow the lawn, catch up on housework or watch TV. Plan your work and work your plan to achieve success.

Test and check. Test yourself by working math problems (remember, practice makes perfect). Correct your problems. Once corrected, do not sit back and say to yourself, "I did pretty well. I got eight out of 10 correct." Rather, ask yourself, "Why did I miss those problems? What did I do wrong?" Learn from your mistakes. Also, you can learn from your successes. Ask yourself, "Why did I get those problems correct? What did I do right?"

When working with math, you should always recheck your answers. Recheck your thinking process.