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Regaining the Fun and Excitement of Learning

Finally, we graduate -- or escape -- from this lethargic environment and get a job. Due to our negative learning experiences, we now breathe a sigh of relief with the belief that we're out; we're finished with learning and education.

Fortunately, the 4- or 5-year-old aggressive learner is still inside of us to some degree. For example, as an adult, you may eagerly and actively pursue tennis or golf as a recreational hobby. You look forward to a golf or tennis lesson. You participate and ask many questions. On your own initiative, you read books about golf or tennis, subscribe to magazines, spend long hours practicing your putting or your backhand. So the active, enthusiastic learner is still within us, given the proper motivation.

These are the traits and motivation needed to learn, whether the subject is how to operate a computer on the job or how to chip and putt on the golf course. The problem is that when we are placed in the classroom environment again, the old habits emerge. We tend to become passive, reactionary learners, instead of aggressive and enthusiastic ones as we are with the golf or tennis lesson.

In other words, it is possible to regain the excitement and fun of learning, instead of viewing learning as a necessary evil. We can become sponges again. The formula for effective learning requires that we sharpen our learning skills, be enthusiastic about learning and have a positive attitude.