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Rekindling Enthusiasm for Learning in the Adult Learner

Enthusiasm for the learning process has to be rekindled in the adult learner. Whether you are 24 or 54, you need to recapture the enthusiastic approach to learning that you had when you were 4. It has to come from within. You must want to learn because you recognize the importance of lifelong learning -- and the fact that you will be a more wellrounded person because of learning.

This enthusiastic approach to learning is part of the positive attitude you also must have. Your attitude toward learning, whether for personal or occupational enhancement, must reflect your desire and motivation to learn. Learning should be perceived as a joy, not a task or burden. Attitude can make or break a person's chances for learning -- and his or her career.

Thus, the challenge for the adult learner is to want to learn for the joy of learning. The challenge is to be more like our 4-year-old, who attacks and devours learning for the simple joy and satisfaction of knowing and understanding. The challenge is to understand yourself, your skills and your learning abilities, so that you can improve yourself, your working skills and your life like a 4-year-old sponge!