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Rekindling the Excitement for Learning

Effective Learning = Enthusiasm + Attitude + Skills

This is basically the formula to jump start your adult learning engine. You have to recapture the fun and excitement of learning. Learning does not have to be the chore you closed the doors on many years ago, when you left college. The joy of learning can be rekindled.

The key to any success in life is often attitude. Approach a job assignment or a learning endeavor with a positive attitude and you will succeed. Approach the work place or a learning situation with a negative attitude and you may well fail.

The development of the right disposition toward learning begins with understanding how you learn. As very young children, we learned by seeing, hearing and touching. We were visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. As we grew into adults, we tended to favor one method of learning over another. The formal education process is generally built for auditory and visual learners. But if you are primarily an auditory learner and you are told to study a manual, you may not learn as well, because reading the manual places you in the visual learning mode.

Finally, as a successful adult learner, you need to be adaptive. You must be able to adapt to your learning environment to succeed. If you have to read a manual as opposed to listening to a lecture, you must have the necessary skills to allow you to adapt to this learning situation.

Adapting also requires that you be able to analyze a learning situation and relate it to a previous positive or negative learning experience. You have the capability of learning from either type of situation. You can attempt to repeat a favorable learning experience or take the necessary steps to avoid a negative experience.

Thus, as an adult, it is possible for you to rekindle the learning spark of your youth -- to become a sponge again, and to have the proper disposition toward learning.