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Rescuing and Reviving your Listening Skills

The previous chapter outlined how we listen and the requirements for effective listening. Most of us have the physical ability to hear. The machinery is in place.

However, listening is like your lawn mower. You only use the lawn mower three or four months of the year (in a northern climate), and it lies dormant for the balance of the year. In the spring, when you start it up for another season, often you have to coax it a bit to get it going.

We listen by means of the physical process of hearing. The hearing mechanism is in place, but if we haven't practiced listening, we may need to coax or train ourselves to become effective listeners. The good news is, even if you haven't developed or used your listening skills properly, they can still be rescued and put to proper use.

If you feel that you are lacking the necessary skills to be an effective listener, there are certain steps you can take to improve this situation. By improving your listening skills, you also enhance your learning abilities. In addition, you will be a more valued employee in accordance with the new employment contract.

Your listening skills can be rescued and revived, which should provide you with a renewed interest in the skills of listening and adult learning.

The first step in this rescue and revival begins with understanding yourself, your motivations and how you presently listen with regard to:

Focus + Assimilation + Understanding + Response