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Rescuing the Mind from Atrophy to Sharpen Learning Skills

In these times of reengineering, downsizing, mergers, reorganizations, etc., we are all pressured to learn new skills and adapt to new work situations. Job security as we've known it may be a thing of the past. Any form of job security today must be based on what we know and how much we can learn.

The purpose of this book is to rescue your minds and learning abilities from the bottomless pit of atrophy. Webster's defines atrophy as "a wasting away or the failure of an organ or part to grow or develop because of insufficient nutrition." Our learning ability and skills will waste away if they are not nourished by new challenges, training and educational activity.

This book is designed to provide you with the necessary nourishment to sharpen your learning skills and thus facilitate the learning process, and at the same time enable you to acquire some insight into the behavior and characteristics of the adult learner. We will focus on improving your reading and comprehension, listening, writing, math and study skills, and will provide guidance on test-taking techniques. We also address the appropriate learning environment for you, and how to maintain enthusiasm and a positive attitude toward learning.