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Restarting Your Learning Engine

The second thing that probably has happened to you is you stopped learning a long time ago -- possibly when your formal education ended. You're really not "losing it." You're simply a bit rusty. Your ability to learn and master new skills is still there; you just have to restart your learning engine.

It's like a broken arm. If your arm has been in a cast for the past six weeks and has been absolutely no use to you, and today the cast is coming off, you'll find that your arm has "forgotten" how to function, simply because it has been inactive for so long. The muscles will have to be retrained or reprogrammed if you are to regain full use of your arm. We refer to this as physical rehabilitation.

As an adult, you have to rehabilitate your mind and sharpen your skills, so that learning is as easy as it was when you were young and your mind seemed like a sponge, literally soaking up every bit of information and knowledge that was available to you.

Learning begins at birth (if not before) and ideally should continue throughout life. In the business environment, it is essential that learning be a lifelong activity. New skills and knowledge will provide you with a competitive advantage over your peers. The ability to learn may be the key to economic survival -- and job security.