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Reviewing What You Have Read

A final step for your aggressive reading style is to review what you've read. You started this entire process by previewing what was to be read, and you now conclude with a review of what you did read.

Very often, this review process is made easy for you, as frequently there will be a "review section" at the end of a chapter. Usually, this section will review the key ideas and main concepts found throughout the chapter. This section serves as a guide through the chapter. Thus, as you read the review material, if you don't understand something or don't remember a point, you can go back into the chapter and reread the section that covers your problem area.

Naturally, you also can review by going back over your margin notes, underlined sentences and any questions you may have formed. By rereading all topic sentences, you will review the main concepts presented. To enhance your understanding of those main concepts, you can review the underlined definitions and/or examples. Any questions that you may have formed based on material in various paragraphs can serve as a summary of relevant pieces of information. When using the questions as part of your review, take the time to answer your own questions.