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Some Examples of Shorthand

Because speed in note taking may be required, it is important to be both precise and quick. If you're still writing what the speaker said two minutes ago, you've missed two minutes of the presentation. Thus, out of necessity, you may have to create your own abbreviations or shorthand. Remember, you're communicating with yourself, so use symbols or letters that convey the information to you.

Following are some suggestions for your "shorthand":

Original Shorthand
President Pres.
Government Govt.
That is i.e.
Attorney Att.
The same as, like =
Regulation Reg.
By means of per
Increase Incr.
Including Incl.
Definition Def.
Cease and Desist C&D
Important Impt.
Without wo
Individual Indiv.
Computer Terminal CT
Regarding Re.
Transportation Trans.
Discussion Disc.
Morning or Evening AM/PM

Using this short list, if you heard the speaker say, "The president will issue a cease and desist order regarding transportation policies without any further discussion," you could possibly shorten this to:

Pres issue C&D order re trans pol wo disc.