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Some Useful Learning Techniques

Read with a pen in your hand: Be prepared to underline, make notes and draw diagrams. Take notes or underline with a pen, a high-lighter or both. Do what works best for you. Some learners prefer highlighters; others prefer pens. Some individuals may underline a word or phrase in one color and use a different color to underline other important facts.

Be sure to highlight or underline words or sentences that seem to be definitions. This is especially helpful if your reading assignment is to be followed by a test of some sort.

Underline the topic sentence of most paragraphs. Generally, the topic sentence will be the first or second sentence in a paragraph. It basically tells you what the paragraph is about. It usually represents the main idea or concept from which the balance of the paragraph flows.

Underline any examples that may be used to explain a topic or concept. Very often, we are able to retain examples or mental pictures more easily than a stream of words. Thus, focusing on the examples can improve comprehension.