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Start with the Easy Questions

Start With the Easy QuestionsAnother general test-taking technique is to scan the entire test. Get a feel for what's being asked or how difficult the questions seem to be before you begin to answer questions. Then answer all of the questions that you feel positive about.

Let's assume that you are taking a 100-question multiple choice exam. You need to score 70 percent to pass this exam. After briefly reviewing the entire exam, you start to answer those questions for which there is no hesitation -- no doubt in your mind that you're selecting the correct response. Possibly, you may answer 50 questions in this manner. The remaining 50 will take some thought.

To improve your attitude or provide yourself with a boost of confidence, you could now say to yourself that of the remaining 50, you only need to get about 20 of them correct. This assumes that you didn't make any careless mistakes on the 50 answers you were sure about. You then conclude that anyone ought to be able to answer 20 questions correctly out of 50, and you feel much more confident as you go back over this test to answer the remaining questions.