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The Importance of Continually Reviewing Information

After you have spaced out your study time and grouped the subject matter into small bits and pieces, you need to continue to "filter this information" into your system through a series of systematic reviews. You have to keep it fresh in your memory for easy recall.

For example, let's assume that you have attended a three-day concentrated exam preparation course, which is to prepare you for passing a state or federal licensing exam. For three days, you have been exposed to mostly brand-new material. This new information has been "crammed" into your head. The end result is that you can take your exam and, ideally, pass it.

However, following the class, you leave on a three-week vacation. You return from vacation and spend a few hours studying for the exam, and then take the exam and fail it miserably.

You didn't grow "dumb" while on vacation. You grew stale. The information obtained in the three-day exam preparation course started to evaporate, because you failed to continually review it. What should you have done differently?