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The Need to be Smarter

"It's a shame. Youth is wasted on the young!"

There is a lot of wisdom in this saying. How many times have we lamented, "Oh, to be young again!" Often, these words are uttered with regard to physical strength and stamina. But think back to your youth. Not only were you stronger, more agile and quicker, but you also seemed "smarter."

Perhaps you were a quick learner and you possessed a fabulous memory. Now it seems that you have to write everything down or leave yourself notes if you need to remember something. And even then, you might forget where you put the note. Has it ever happened that someone asks for your home phone number or address and you hesitate to respond because you just "drew a blank"?

Fear not. You are not getting dumber with age. You're probably nearly as intelligent as you were when you were 16 years old. If you believe in the validity of the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) as a measurement of intelligence, you'll be glad to know your IQ only fluctuates a few points over your entire adult life.

Two things probably have happened to you, though. First of all, your life is much more complex today than it was when you were a teenager. Chances are your mind is bombarded with issues, such as your family, your career, the family budget, a major financial expenditure like a new home, etc. With your mind and memory overloaded with thoughts, ideas, impulses and stimuli, the task of remembering becomes more complex.