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Using Attitude and Aptitude Effectively

Aptitude and attitude are first cousins. They are closely related in that they are dependent on each other and influenced by each other.

Aptitude = Ability and Talent to Learn and Understand
Attitude = Opinion or Disposition Toward Learning

Your mathematical aptitude is the one-gallon jug -- your innate ability or talent to learn and comprehend math. To a degree, how well you use this talent is determined by your attitude or disposition toward mathematics.

Approach the task of learning math with a very positive attitude and you will more easily fill the gallon jug. You will more easily attain your potential. Approach the assignment to learn some math with a negative attitude and you will probably experience great difficulty.

Needless to say, a positive attitude is the key that unlocks a lot of potential in all of us, whether it is academic learning, improving your listening skills or acquiring a new job-related skill. Believe that you can learn math and you will learn it, because you probably have the aptitude to do so. Don't believe in yourself and it will be a struggle.