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Using Friends and Past Experiences to Enhance Memory

Using all of your senses implies that you have to become totally immersed in the learning process. By doing this, you will be able to recall information more easily.

In addition to forming mental pictures, you may want to recite information aloud. By speaking, you are forcing yourself to listen. You may even want to use a tape recorder and record information for later playback.

Another option is to discuss or debate your study material with another person. By doing so, you are seeing it again and listening to it again.

Relate newly acquired information to past experiences, too. Again, visualize how this new information can be used based on some prior skill or learning activity.

If you consider yourself a visual learner, then you may wish to rewrite your notes or construct an outline from your notes. Back in elementary school, you may have learned spelling and simple arithmetic by means of flash cards. Flash cards were based on new words and problems and were used after you had been exposed to this new material. They served as a review resource and also involved your sense of sight. You saw the word or problem again and again.

Massaging your memory a little or coaxing it a bit by the use of these techniques will facilitate your ability to recall information stored in your brain.