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Offering Online Psychology Degrees, Human Services Courses & More!

Welcome to Capella University, a fully-accredited online university that has been successfully preparing its students for worthwhile careers for many years now. By offering a wide variety of degree programs, experienced instruction and the flexibility of online learning, Capella is a fantastic choice for your continuing educational needs.

We have a wide variety of degree programs to suit your career goals. If you are looking for a rewarding career in clinical psychology, sports psychology and more, take a look at our online psychology degrees. If you are looking for a career in emergency management, criminal justice or public safety leadership, take a look at our online human services degrees. We also have degree programs in finance, health care, information technology, and more! With any one of our degree programs, we can help you find the knowledge, focus and experience to excel in your chosen career.

All of our online courses are taught by industry professionals, each possessing years of industry experience. Their goal is to use this experience to give you practical advice and knowledge that you can use in your career. The advantage of having our classes and seminars online is that you have easy and instantaneous access to these instructors through emails, seminars, and discussion boards.

This variety and experience, coupled with the flexibility of having all of our courses and resources available online all make Capella University a very attractive option for your continuing educational needs. Whether you're looking to move up from a bachelor's to a masters, or a master's to a doctorate, we have the degree programs, experience and resources to make your education fulfilling and useful. Take a look at our programs and degrees today and find out which one is right for your personal and career goals.