Capella University Bachelors Degrees

Bachelors Degrees

About Capella University Bachelors Degrees

A bachelor's degree is the most popular and sought after degree given by colleges and universities, and is usually a requirement for entry into many jobs and career fields. Given the desire and popularity of such degrees, it makes sense that an accredited university such as Capella University would have so many bachelor degrees to choose from. Capella University is a renowned online university that specializes in providing high-quality, distance learning opportunities through an online format.

Capella University offers a wide variety of online bachelor's degrees for its students to choose from. All of the bachelor's degrees are Bachelor of Science degrees, and have several concentrations and specializations. These concentrations include business, information technology, public safety and technology. These further have multiple concentrations.

For example, the business concentration has specialties in finance, marketing, management, human resources and more. The information technology concentration has specialties in network technology, multimedia, information security and project management. The public safety concentration has a specialty in criminal justice, while the technology concentration has focuses in health informatics and software architecture.

As you can see, Capella University has a wide variety of online bachelor's degrees to choose from across a wide swath of degree fields. With this kind of variety, expertise and dedication to student achievement, it's little wonder so many students choose an accredited university like Capella University for their online education.