Capella University Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral Degrees

About Capella University Doctoral Degrees

Capella University is the only school here on Earn a College Degree to offer online doctorate degrees to its students. A doctorate degree is the pinnacle of a post-secondary educational career. It usually shows a dedication, intelligence and experience level that is well beyond any other level of degree and allows holders of this type of degree to go onto high level teaching, research, business or public positions. Capella University has a wide range of doctorate degrees for potential students to choose from.

Capella University offers doctorate degrees in several categories, including education, human services, information technology, psychology, and public safety. Each of these categories has several specialties, allowing you to fine-tune your educational experience. For example, the PhD in Education has specialties in leadership in educational administration as well as instructional design, while the PhD in Human Services has specialties in counseling studies, criminal justice, health care administration and much more. The PhD in Psychology includes specialties in educational psychology and industrial psychology, while the PhD in Public Safety includes emergency management and public safety leadership.

These are just some of the many doctorate degree programs Capella University has available for those who wish to take their education to the ultimate level. With a doctorate degree in hand, holders of this degree can embark on a wide range of highly-paid and challenging career positions, whether embarking on teaching, research or business applications. This is why Capella University offers such degrees in a convenient, online format.

With such variety, experience, as well as the accreditation and respect normally found at traditional brick-and-mortar universities, it is little wonder why so many busy professionals choose Capella University for their continuing education. With an online doctorate degree from Capella University, graduates can take their careers to entirely new and breathtaking heights.