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About Capella University Masters Degrees

A master's degree is a great way to further one's career and take it to the next level. Many positions require at least a master's degree to be considered as a candidate. A master's degree shows a level of experience and dedication to a specific subject matter that is usually necessary to move up the corporate ladder in most circumstances. Capella University understands this, and offers a very wide variety of master's degrees to choose from in half a dozen categories.

Capella University has master's degrees in several categories including education, information technology, human services, psychology, organization and management, public safety and public health. Each of these categories has several degree specialties that allow students to fine-tune their education to fit the career field of their choice. The MBA degree, or Master's of Business Administration, is the most popular and highly sought after type of master's degree, and Capella University has several fields from which to choose from for your MBA. These include accounting, finance, information technology management, marketing and much more.

Besides the popular MBA degree, Capella University has a wide variety of other degree specializations to choose from. The Master's of Education has specializations in curriculum and instruction as well as enrollment management, while the Master's of Information Technology includes specializations in enterprise software architecture and project management. The Master's of Psychology has specializations in educational psychology and clinical psychology, while the Master's of Human Services has specializations in health care administration as well as management of nonprofit agencies.

These are just some of the many online master's degrees offered by Capella University. With this wide selection, experienced instructors and a career-focused curriculum that gives students experience, skills and confidence, it's little wonder that so many students choose Capella University for their continuing educational needs.