Capella Areas of Study
Choose From Online Health Care & Psychology Degrees

Capella University's online program offers a wide variety of courses for you to choose from, encompassing everything from business to education to information technology, and more. With our variety of courses, as well as experienced instructors teaching each of them, we are sure that any of the programs you choose will be valuable and worthwhile.

Each of our programs have several varied degrees that allow you to choose just the right career path for you. Our online business degrees have courses in marketing, human resource management, and leadership. Our numerous online education degrees include courses in K-12 education, post-secondary education and instructional design, just to name a few.

Our online finance degrees cover such topics as accounting and finance matters. We also have online health care degrees that include health care administration and health informatics. Our online human services degrees include a wide variety of topics, such as counseling studies, criminal justice, emergency management and public safety, plus over a dozen other subjects.

The online information technology degrees we offer include such topics as information security, network technology, web development, and technology project management. Speaking of which, our online management degrees offer courses in human resource management and leadership, among others. Finally, our numerous psychology degrees cover such topics as educational psychology, clinical psychology, sports psychology, and so on.

So whether you want to get a career in technology, education, or psychology, as well as many more, Caeplla University's online program will have just the right degree program for you. Take a look through our course selection and we are sure you will find just the program you need to pursue the career of your choice.