Why Choose Capella?
Learn More About Our Online Business & Technology Degrees

There are dozens, if not hundreds of online universities competing for your time and your dollar. With such competition, why would you choose Capella University over other schools? There are several things that separate Capella from other schools, including the experience of our instructors, our philosophy of personal instruction, and our fully-accredited courses.

Our instructors are some of the best minds in their respective fields. With years of experience under their belts, they not only want to give their students the knowledge about their chosen field, but practical advice and solutions to common problems and issues. Our instructors bring their skills, knowledge, and practical experience to their classes to help each student reach their individual goals.

Capella's mission is to help fulfill student's individual career goals through experienced instruction and focus curriculum. Through our innovative and focused programs, we help students gain the knowledge and experience they will need to succeed in their chosen careers. All of our people, resources, knowledge are ultimately here to help students achieve their personal career goals.

Capella's fully accredited courses offer a wide variety of topics that can help nearly anyone find the career they are looking for. For example, our online business degrees include courses in marketing and business administration. Our online information technology degrees offer courses on information security, graphical multimedia and network technology.

Capella brings these factors - experience, personal instruction, and varied courses - together into an educational experience few other institutions can achieve. Having access to these resources through the Internet as part of our online programs only makes the choice for Capella that much clearer. With Capella, you can have access to our knowledge, experience, and resources any time of the day or night. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with one of our admissions councilors today and start on the road to a successful and rewarding career!