DeVry University
Get an Exceptional Online Education in Business, Finance, Technology & More

For over seventy-five years now and still going strong, DeVry University has offered its students an affordable, flexible, well-rounded and complete on-campus and online education for those looking to expand their knowledge in business, engineering, information technology, health sciences and much more. DeVry offers nearly one-hundred locations nationwide, and many of their courses can be taken online for even more flexibility and convenience.

DeVry University is made up of five colleges that offer associates, bachelors and masters degrees in a wide variety of fields. These are as follows:

  • The College of Business & Management offers courses in accounting, sales and marketing, finance and much more;
  • Their College of Engineering & Information Sciences offers courses in video game programming, database management and more;
  • The College of Health Sciences has courses in health information technology and laboratory science, for example;
  • The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers degrees in educational technology;
  • And the College of Media Arts & Technology offers courses in graphic and multimedia design, web design and development and much more.

These courses are taught by industry experts who have many years of practical experience and knowledge in their specific fields. These teachers have successfully taught thousands of students how to succeed in their specific career fields, and use their real-world experience to give their students and edge in the job market once they graduate. DeVry University also prides itself on its affordability with a wide availability of financing options.

When you combine these factors of accessibility, flexibility, experience and affordability, you have a well-rounded and complete educational experience that fully prepares you for the challenges you will face in our career. Take a look at DeVry University's varied online degree offerings today, and once you find the program that's right for you, click use the box above to get more information by simply entering your desired zip code.