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Welcome to Kaplan University, proud to be serving the needs of its students for seventy years now. The goal of Kaplan University is to help its students get the practical experience and knowledge they need to succeed in their career goals. We achieve this through a combination of real-world experience, dedicated instruction, vast resources, and a student-centric philosophy.

Kaplan University's online program benefits from these factors by allowing our students access to our knowledge and resources twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In terms of courses and degree programs, Kaplan offers a wide variety of courses for its online program. If you are looking for courses in finance, international business or sales and marketing, take a look at our online business degrees. If you are looking to get into a career involving law enforcement, corrections or security, take a look at our online criminal justice degrees. These, plus our degree programs in education, information technology, and health sciences - just to name a few - give our students a wide variety of career programs to look into.

These courses are taught by instructors with years of experience in their fields. These instructors use a hands-on approach to teaching that gives their students practical experience with the tools and knowledge of their specific trades. Our instructors are dedicated to giving their students the personalized and individual instruction they need to make the most of their education.

We also have a vast library of resources available at your disposal any time of the day or night. This way our students can study and do research whenever they find it convenient. This allows our students to not only be properly prepared for their courses, but also allows to them to take the time to learn more about their subject matter on their own time.

All of these factors, when brought together with our philosophy of helping students achieve their personal and career goals, and you have an educational package that can work well for just about anyone. So take some time to browse through our courses and find out why Kaplan University is just right for you.