About Kaplan University
Learn About Our Online Business & Information Technology Degrees

Kaplan University (formerly AIC, Quest College and Kaplan College) was founded back in 1937 to provide professional business training and educational support. Today, Kaplan University offers exceptionally valuable programs that bring together facets of general education, the professional skills of our instructors, and a career-focused educational philosophy. Kaplan University is an accredited institution defined by its purpose and history.

Kaplan University Online brings this career-oriented focus and experience to the modern age by allowing students access to our knowledge, experience, and resources online, whenever and where ever they are. By enrolling in one of our online courses, you'll have access to years worth of resources and experience behind each one of our degree programs.

The mission and goal of Kaplan University Online is to provide exhaustive and comprehensive instruction through a web-based environment that allows students to take classes at a time that fits within their schedule. The hope is that through experienced instruction and an advanced curriculum, students of Kaplan can be fully prepared for their chosen careers.

Kaplan University's main goal is to prepare students for their chosen careers. Our online campus has several degree programs geared specifically towards some of today's most exciting fields. For example, our online business degrees cover such fields as accounting, health care management, and human resources. Our online information technology degrees cover such fields as networking technology, software development, and programming. We also have online degrees in criminal justice, legal sciences and nursing, to name a few.

Our diverse degree programs, coupled with our experiences instructors and our resources means that when you come to Kaplan University, you are ensured an exceptional degree program that will best prepare you for your chosen career. Take a look at our programs today and find out which career is right for you, then get started on the road to success with Kaplan today!