Kaplan University Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

BSCJ/Computer Crime

This online degree is designed to provide you with a solid understanding of the basics of computer crime. You will examine the nature of computer crime and its possible effects on business and society, the investigation of computer crime itself, the legal implications of monitoring crime in cyberspace, the protection of digital assets, and finally computer forensics. If you are seeking to advance your career in law enforcement, private security, or corrections or to pursue entry-level opportunities, the online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program will help you meet your career goals. This degree provides you with a solid foundation in criminal justice and a broad liberal arts education. The Web-based baccalaureate program is designed to combine the professional skills of specialized areas of criminal justice with research and analytical skills. As a graduate of this program you may seek opportunities in law enforcement, corrections, probation, parole, fraud investigation, or juvenile justice facilities.