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About Kaplan University Associates Degrees

Getting an associate's degree is a stepping stone to a bright future in the career field of your dreams. With an associate's degree from an accredited post-secondary educational institution such as Kaplan University, you can either enter a new career field or move on to a four-year university for a bachelor's degree. Acquiring an associate's degree from an accredited school is usually the first step to a long and satisfying career, thankfully Kaplan University Online understands the need to acquire such a degree, and has a wide assortment of associate degree programs for students to choose from.

Kaplan University Online has several different types of associate's degrees available. This includes the Associate's of Applied Science (AAS), the Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems (AASCIS), the Associate of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (ASIS), the Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice (AASCJ) and the Associate of Science (AS). Each of these degree types has one or more concentrations that allow students to fine-tune their educational experience.

The AAS, for example, has concentrations in business administration, accounting, medical assisting, paralegal studies, and much more. The AASCIS has concentrations in network administration and programming, while the ASIS has concentrations in communication and early childhood development. Finally, the AASCJ has concentrations in corrections and law enforcement, while the AS has concentrations also in early childhood development and interdisciplinary studies.

With such a variety of degree courses, all taught by industry professionals with years of experience under their belts, it's little wonder why so many students choose Kaplan University Online for their continuing education. This experience, coupled with the flexibility and convenience of online learning, makes getting an online degree easier than ever before.