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About Kaplan University Masters Degrees

A master's degree is a popular way for professionals to take their career to the next level. Many doors that might have once been closed become open (or at least easier to open) once you have a master's degree under your belt, as it shows a higher level of knowledge, experience and dedication to a specific career field than a bachelor's or associate's degree. This is why Kaplan University Online offers a wide variety of online master's degrees for prospective students to choose from.

Kaplan University has a variety of online master's degree programs, each with several concentrations, allowing you to pick just the exact right career focus for you. While the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is by far the most popular and well know of master's degrees, Kaplan University has several other master's degrees as well. These include the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning (MATL) and the Master of Science in Criminal Justice (MSCJ). Each of these has several concentrations. For example, the MBA degree has concentrations in entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management, marketing, information technology and more.

Kaplan University's MSCJ program includes concentrations in policing, law, corrections and more. Their MATL program includes concentrations in various grade ranges such as grades K-6, 6-8 and 9-12, as well as specializations in science, mathematics, literacy and students with special needs. These varied degree programs help give Kaplan University an edge when it comes to recruiting new students.

With varied degree programs to choose from, experienced instructors with years of practical experience under their belts as well as the convenience of attending classes online, it's little wonder why so many students choose Kaplan University Online for their continuing career-based education.