Why Choose Kaplan University?
Online Courses & Online Degree Programs

There are dozens, if not hundreds of online universities out there that are all competing for your time. What makes Kaplan University's online campus different and unique enough to make it your first choice when choosing an online university? There are several reasons, some of which include experience, resources, philosophy, and execution.

In terms of experience, Kaplan University has been around for seventy years now, and that experience and history translates into highly-refined courses taught by experienced instructors with years of work in their chosen fields. Our experience also means we have the knowledge to put together tightly-refined curriculum packages that best prepare you for your chosen curriculum.

Our log history also means we've built up quite a library of resources for your usage. Our vast library has over 300,000 volumes of text, as well as a bevy of government documents and more. This vast collection of documents and resources not only help our staff and faculty come up with better course curriculums, but also help our students with research and personal development.

Our philosophy is based on the principle of providing students with the best education possible to prepare them for their chosen careers. We couple our experience, knowledge and resources in order to give our students the best preparation possible for the career world. This philosophy helps us better prepare our courses for our students.

Finally, our execution is based on providing students not only knowledge and resources, but the tools to pull all of these together into a cohesive system. Some of these tools include online field trips, discussion boards, online seminars, and so on. We have put together a web-based package that not only gives you access to our classes and our knowledge, but the tools to be an effective student as well.

With our experience, knowledge, and resources, Kaplan University's online campus has everything you need to become successful in your chosen career. Take a look at our courses, our resources and see why you should choose Kaplan as your online university.