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Getting ahead in business sometimes takes more than just talent and elbow grease. Sometimes you need to further your education in order to break through the glass ceiling, and the most common way to achieve this is by getting an MBA. An MBA, or Masters of Business Administration, is the next step up from a business bachelor's degree.

An MBA program usually takes two years to complete, and once completed, puts its recipients well and above those without an MBA in the business hierarchy. This is why so many people get an MBA to further their career in the business world. The colleges at Earn a College Degree offer several different types of online MBA degrees, including:

AIU Online: Kaplan University Online: Capella University Online: Westwood College Online:

As you can see, there are not only general MBA degree programs, but also several specialized online programs as well. This allows students to focus on the niche they want to specialize in and follow the career path of their dreams.