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The World Wide Web has exploded over the last decade or so in terms of popularity, usage, and complexity. Whereas sites and pages back in the early days of the Web were simple text-based affairs with hyperlinks, today's websites offer fully-interactive experiences, from shopping to communicating and more. There are web sites covering nearly every need and topic, from checking email to buying cars.

Developing these increasingly interactive and complex web pages involves knowledge of several different web programming languages, having experience with web design, and putting all of this together into one cohesive whole. Thankfully, the colleges at Earn a College Degree offer a myriad of online web design and web development courses, including:

AIU Online: Kaplan University Online:

These online web design degrees and online web development degrees help give students the tools they need to enter the job market place with experience and knowledge at the ready. They will also lay a foundation for students to learn new programming languages, skills and more as the Web advances in design and complexity.